Initial Ramp-Up

In order to properly kick-start a successful ecosystem, the utility of FLUX tokens will focus on rewarding users for data collection and storage contributions.

The following incentives outline the utilities which will be present immediately after tokens are minted. As the system progresses, Flux will regularly update the community as to when any meaningful changes are made to the token economy at large.

Additionally, the company plans to release a detailed Economic Framework Paper with the exact figures surrounding the initial ramp-up incentives along with staking requirements prior to the alpha release of the first Perception Engine.

Distributed Collection

FLUX tokens will incentivize data contribution and reward users when their data is used to generate new insights.

Distributed Storage

FLUX tokens will incentivize Space Portal setup along with middle & exit relays to Perception Engines.

Distributed Intelligence

FLUX tokens will be used to purchase insights and required for launching new Perception Engines.

Governance and Reputation

FLUX tokens serve as a governance tool and a reputation system for actors in the network.

Hardware Discounts

Users purchasing MICO & Eddy hardware devices with FLUX tokens will receive a discount on their purchase.

Full Token Economy

Once the initial ramp-up has been completed, most base rewards will be removed and replaced by staking actions to encourage active commitment to the network.

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